We have partnered with the Bedford Heights Food Bank to help those who are in need this year! Annual Holiday Party on January 15th!

Ticket Price: $10 per person + 1 Non Perishable Item (Canned Good, Pasta, Cereal, etc.) 

Please contact Anna Jones, Secretary at 440-804-6750 for tickets. Or contact us by clicking here.

Welcome to Bedford Heights Democratic Club.

The club is the official club recognized by the Democratic Party here in the city of Bedford Heights. Our membership is open to all Democrats within the city and the surrounding area from all races, genders, religions, orientations, and cultures willing to uphold Democratic Party principles and the Charter of the club.

Our regular meetings take place September - June on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7pm. We are in recess for during the months of June, July, and August. Our meeting place is in the City Hall Community Room on the first floor. After the Summer recess we will then move our meetings to the Bedford Heights Community Center. Now, after many, many years our yearly membership dues are being raised to an astronomical price of 10 whole dollars for ages 1 - 65 and $5 for seniors. There is also family rate of $25 for up to 4 household members.

 All are welcome to attend our meetings where they can hear from the leaders of our community as well as those in from the County, State, and Federal governments, as well as speakers and business leaders from the surrounding community.  

The club has long served the community for many years. Its membership has and still does come from all walks of life and has long held memberships of Mayors, City Council, Charter Review Commission, and other elected and appointed officials within the city and administration. Under the leadership of the current Acting President Michael Willis, the club has thrived and continues to be a force in the city for change, debate, information and charity, bringing residents together from many cultures. 

The club has been a firm protector of the rights of the residents to have a safe, friendly, service centered city that works for them. It has stood with and worked hand and hand with past and present administrations, residents, and our commercial neighbors to make this city of Bedford Heights a premier destination for those seeking a community and place to live.